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Suitable for working pressure & le; 1. 6MPa, medium temperature & le; 200 ℃ (and & le; 2. 5 MPa, medium temperature & le; 350 ℃) steam or hot water pipe for the use of flow adjustment. The manual adjusting valve can be closed by rotating the handwheel clockwise. At this time, the valve stem drives the valve disc to descend, so that the contact of the two cone sealing surfaces can be closed tightly to close the line.
Characteristics of products: ① Improving the heat supply conditions: all the branch lines with manual control valves and thermal points can be adjusted in design conditions for flow adjustment, achieving a good temperature working condition. This control valve has better control performance than gate valves and globe valves. It has an approximate straight linear regulation performance. . Therefore, the uneven phenomenon of heating and cooling inequality of each heating building has been greatly improved. ② Energy-saving: due to the disorder of temperature and pressure, caused some branches flow too much to make some building temperatures too high,users have to open windows to achieve the purpose of saving energy. ③ To improve the working condition of the hydraulic power of the network management: The manual control valve can be controlled according to the rated flow rate, and the flow rate of excess operation of the network management is reduced, so that the deterioration of the original water conditionto will be improved .


Manual regulating valve