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☆ ARC Valve is used in outlet of centrifugal pumps to apperceive & adjust the flow automatically, assuring the minimum required flow through pump.

☆ High pressure forging shell, multi-stage pressure letdown structure, effective anti-cavitation.

☆ CE marked. Supply scope of nominal pressure class 150Lb-4500Lb.

☆ BAPC has achievement of high-pressure ARC valve in China. In 2015, HT ARC valve has applied successfully in nuclear power industry.

☆ HT superhigh-pressure ARC valves (under working pressure up to 24 MPa) have been exported to Iran, India, Pakistan, etc.



Low-pressure ARC valve


High-pressure ARC valve


Superhigh-pressure ARC valve


Automatic Recirculation Control Valve (ARC Valve)