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HTO-General; HTB-Bellows; Specification : 1 " D2 "-8 " T10 "

Pressure level:150 lb-2500 lb      Temperature:-196-+538°C


Seat and valve body separable, easy to repair and economical

Umbrella-type recoil disk and adjusting ring can effectively improve the lift force, and the valve disc can fully open and release the medium at small over-pressure so as to protect the equipment.

Adjusting ring can adjust satisfactory on-off pressure difference

Proper selection of the material of the recoil disk, guide sleeve, valve stem and adjustment screw, and proper selection of the clearance to ensure flexible valve motio

Hardfacing cemented carbide at sealing surface ensures corrosion resistance, high sealing performance and long service life of safety valve after surface finishing

Bellows in balanced bellows relief valves eliminate the impact of back pressure fluctuations on valve performance and also ensure that springs and other internals are protected from media corrosion

      Springs and bellows shall be selected and processed, and strict testing and inspection shall be carried out.


HTO, HTB Series Relief Valve