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Group Building Activities at Gubei Water Town in 2021

Golden September is the harvest season. Thanks to the effective results of the government's epidemic control, we can get together again after a year. We took a bus all the way north and came to Wuling Mountain after two and a half hours. After enjoying the green mountains and rivers, we started the team's outdoor ice-breaking group activities. The games such as circle to the end, dancing with ropes and biochemical crisis made everyone excited. We were active and enthusiastic, our smiles have released our hearts, we were fully relaxed in nature, and cooperation made us happy. The bonfire party was even more exciting. The fire was burning and everyone danced around the bonfire. Although the temperature in the mountains is a little low, everyone's enthusiasm was very high, and laughter filled the mountains.  
     The next day in Gubei Water Town, we participated in the Who is the Royal Spy game together, which not only relaxed our bodies and minds, but also effectively promoted the team's strict organization and cooperation abilities and decision-making abilities, enhanced the communication andcollaborationbetween the team members, and cultivated the staff's spirit of continuous innovation and enterprising in our work.  
     Through these theme group building activities, we strongly demonstrated each employee's potential and team spirit, strengthened the employees' sense of teamwork, enhanced the cohesion of our team, and weare full of confidence in the future of our company.