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2019 Cultural Journey -Henan

With the cool autumn wind blowing, we were sitting on the high-speed railway from Beijing to Kaifeng, talking and laughing all the way. Our long-expected trip finally started.The first stop in Kaifeng, at the gate of the garden, There is a very long flag, which said: "Qingming shanghe Garden" five characters.This large-scale song dynasty historical and cultural theme park based on the blueprint of the famous painting "riverside scene at Qingming festival" handed down from ancient China is 1:1 restored. Here we come!Along the way, I watched the tour case ofBaogongxunan and Dasong • Dongjingbaoweizhan, and enjoyed the live performance of Dasong • Dongjingmenghua in the night.Yuntai mountain - red stone gorge scenery is the most essence, with an extremely beautiful landscape, it shows different colors in the four seasons. Longmen Grottoes is one of the treasure-house of Chinese rock carvings among Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and Maiji Mountain Grottoes.The last stop was the Shaolin Temple, known as "the most famous temple in the world", and we watched the wonderful Shaolin Martial Arts Performance. After lunch, we came to the high-speed railway station by bus and the perfect journey was over.